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ExtendedPathIndex::ExtendedPathIndex::ExtendedPathIndex Class Reference

Inherits Products::PluginIndexes::PathIndex::PathIndex::PathIndex.

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Detailed Description

A path index stores all path components of the physical
path of an object:

Internal datastructure (regular pathindex):

- a physical path of an object is split into its components

- every component is kept as a  key of a OOBTree in self._indexes

- the value is a mapping 'level of the path component' to
  'all docids with this path component on this level'

In addition

- there is a terminator (None) signifying the last component in the path

Definition at line 17 of file ExtendedPathIndex.py.

Public Member Functions

def __init__
def clear
def getIndexSourceNames
def index_object
def insertEntry
def search
def unindex_object

Public Attributes


Static Public Attributes

tuple index_html = DTMLFile('dtml/index', globals())
tuple manage_options
tuple manage_workspace = DTMLFile('dtml/manageExtendedPathIndex', globals())
string meta_type = "ExtendedPathIndex"
tuple query_options

Private Member Functions

def _apply_index

Private Attributes


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